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Travancore Rehab

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Travancore rehabs, is a leading physiotherapy and rehabilitation service provider in the Venice of the east Alleppey, Kerala, India.



We ensure the most promising physiotherapy services, Alappuzha at a place where you are comfortable. We work seamlessly to bestow the best physiotherapy services at the comfort of your...

Special Need Consultations

Differently-abled individuals are properly taken care of. We have a comprehensive progressive assessment method to take care of patients with special needs. Advanced exercises, proper adaptive devices, and therapy mode that are home-based in order to monitor their advancement are offered by the best physiotherapy service provider, Alappuzha.

Occupational Therapy

Training that comes under occupational factors, basically the functionalities with one's hand. We give a thorough diagnosis and perfect treatment that creates miracles for your hand. The ideal treatment methodologies helping to cope up with the surrounding. We ensure accurate care and assistance for the individual having difficulty with hand functionality.

Ergonomic Interiors & Furniture Designs

Comfort and care at the right place, the best ergonomics facilities are offered to protect and safeguard your body with uttermost care. These include healthy sofas, tables, comfortable beds, and other furniture that relieves you from the discomfort and gives proper support. Custom-made ergonomics facilities that can transform your space into a different arena. As per the business or office requirement, a corporate consultation facility is made available.

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