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New Life Care Foundation

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New Life Care Foundation is one of the leading Private Psychiatric Nursing home and centre for Rehabilitation of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. Our fundamental aim has been to help improve the mental wellbeing of our still suffering Addicts by using the robust 12 Steps program enshrined with spirituality and clinically proven therapies.


Nasha Mukti Kendra

New Life Care Foundation in Mumbai is also working hard to ensure the safe return of everyone who seeks treatment under our care. Addiction is a tough problem and it must be fought with the right strength, and here at us, we do our best to help people fight it. We follow every recovering addict and try to watch out for signs of relapse.

Alcohol De Addiction & Rehabilitation

New Life Care Foundation is elevated to provide the best alcohol addiction treatment centre with the help of highly qualified counsellors and a unique treatment program. We provide the most effective and long-term recovery treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol use problems.

Drug De Addiction & Rehabilitation

At New Life Care Foundation, we will provide you with the best possible treatment to allow your mind and body to cope with the effects of your medications and care. In addition, we host sessions that will not only motivate you to live a healthy and fulfilling life but also boost your confidence to use your creativity of all kinds.

Premium Residential Rehabilitation Centre

At New Life Care Foundation, you will find a safe, secure and comfortable environment where the rehabilitation centre will make you feel at home. We help you take the necessary steps to heal yourself in a healthy environment. The rehab centre features an upscale residential complex and great amenities. We also have dedicated staff to address all your concerns and guide you on the road to recovery.

De - Addiction Centre

Our centre is a comprehensive facility where professional staff can attend to all your needs in a stress-free and safe environment. Our goal is to help people with alcohol or drug dependence achieve complete abstinence and maintain it long-term. Our dedicated experts use a unique approach to achieve the fastest possible recovery.

Psychiatric Mental Health Treatment & Rehabilitation

At New Life Care Foundation, we are committed to listening and understanding you while providing care with the utmost compassion. We believe in healing your mind and spirit by helping you resolve any psychiatric issues that may be affecting your peace of mind. We have an outpatient rehabilitation facility for substance abuse, alcohol, ganja, charas, and more, as well as counselling and management for gaming/mobile addiction and internet addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does insurance cover addiction treatment?

A: Most addiction treatment facilities will work with private health insurance companies, but your coverage will depend on your insurance company and policy details. You can use this insurance form to determine the possible coverage you may receive at New Life Care Foundation facilities.

Q: Can friends or family visit me during my stay?

A: A family’s role in addiction treatment is often essential to your long-term recovery. Having a support network provides many benefits for addiction recovery. Visitation arrangements are typically be made through communication with your therapist at most rehab centers. Family therapy sessions allow family members to come to the facility and participate in counseling with you.

Q: What kind of clothing should I pack?

A: A list of all the things that would be required for the patients. Nothing special but things should be seasonally appropriate for wearing. Double check with the intake staff to ensure that you pack the Appropriate things.

Q: Can I keep my job while attending treatment?

A: While jobs and careers are meaningful, you’ll need to put your overall health first when seeking addiction treatment. Most employers have family medical leave options for such situations. The Administration team would provide you with the Necessary Document’s that one can submit with the employer.

Q: Can I bring my cell phone and computer?

A: Attending rehab may seem like it could be lonely and you may wonder if you can have a cell phone in rehab. Personal computers and cell phones are typically not permitted during treatment. However, you’re the Administration team will coordinate the use of electronic equipment during your treatment stay if necessary.

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